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Applied Art Museum

The best way to get to The Applied Art Museum is to walk: it is less than 5 minutes walk from the Town Hall Square, 5 minutes walk from the Tallinn Central Railway Station and less than 20 minutes walk from the Tallinn Port.
Address: Lai, 17
The Applied Art Museum was opened in 1980 as one of the several branches of the Art Museum of Estonia and housed in a former granary, known in old records as the grain store and storehouse. The construction of the three-storeyed granary was started in 1683 and completed most probably before 1695. The old granary, one of the most stately and monumental economic buildings in Tallinn, served as a store till the early 1970s when restoration work began. In the course of restoration some reconstructions to meet the needs of a museum were also carried out.
The collections were founded already in 1919 when the Art Museum was established. The Applied Art Museum is the only one in Estonia possessing an extensive and perspicuous collection of Estonian 20th-century professional applied art. In addition to that, there are smaller collections of 18th-19th-century Western European and Russian decorative art.
The permanent exhibition at the museum presents Estonian ceramics, book-binding art and leatherwork, jewellery, metalwork and fine glass dating from the beginning of the 20th century up to the present.
In the ground-floor hall, temporary modern Estonian and foreign applied art exhibitions as well as those based on historical collections are displayed.