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Theaters in Tallinn

Estonian National Opera

The building of Estonian National Opera opened the doors in the summer of 1913. The building was designed by Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wiwi Lonn. During World War II the building was destroyed. In 1947 it was redesigned by Estonian architects Alar Kotli and Edgar Johan Kuusik.

State Russian Drama Theatre

The State Russian Drama Theatre Of Estonia first opened it's doors at December 15, 1948. And till nowadaysit is the only one professional Russian theatre in Estonia. A basis of theatre graduates of the oldest theatrical high school of Moscow so called GITIS (nowadays - the Russian Academy Of A Theatrical Art) - a rate of professor V.Belokurov.

Estonian Drama Theatre

It is considered that Estonian Drama Theatre was founded in the year of 1920, which is the year , when Dramastudio was born. The relationship between this studio and the present Drama Theater began at the moment when they started to rent the contemporary building of it, which in these days was owned by German Theatre Society.

Tallinn City Theatre

Tallinn City Theatre, founded in 1965, is a repertoire theatre, situated in the heart of Tallinn. The theatrical season lasts from August to June. Currently the Tallinn City Theatre’s resident company includes 2 directors, 2 designers and 21 actors.