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Estonian National Opera

The building of Estonian National Opera opened the doors in the summer of 1913. The building was designed by Finnish architects Armas Lindgren and Wiwi Lonn. During World War II the building was destroyed. In 1947 it was redesigned by Estonian architects Alar Kotli and Edgar Johan Kuusik. Renovation work started in 1997, including exterior work to restore the original look of the roof with its tower construction, as well as interior work to develop a unified concept for the building and to increase the comfort level for guests of the House.
The Estonian National Opera’s majestic White Hall (218,8 m2) with its grand crystal chandeliers is an excellent place for festive receptions, formal occasions and dancing parties. The hall is provided with removable chairs (for 100 people) and tables. A bar is open for the guests. Estonian National Opera offers singers and musicians at your request.
In the Opera House, next to the theatre hall, is a spacious concert hall for 790 listeners. Concert hall is operated by state organisation “Eesti Kontsert” and it is the main concert place of the Estonian Symphony Orchestra.

Address: Estonia Avenue 4