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Estonian Drama Theatre

It is considered that Estonian Drama Theatre was founded in the year of 1920, which is the year, when Dramastudio was born. The relationship between this studio and the present Drama Theater began at the moment when they started to rent the contemporary building of it, which in these days was owned by German Theatre Society. In 1939 Dramastudio Theatre finally bought it. In 1937 the Dramastudio Theatre was renamed — the new title was Estonian Drama Theatre. In 1949 the drama collective of the theatre «Estonia» was linked with the Theatre mentioned above. Dramastudio Theatre began to function under the guidance of well-known Estonian producer Paul Sepp. The young people who gathered under this name were the first ones who got systematically education of knowledge and skills necessary for theatre. The repertoire of this Theatre consisted of plays from selection of classical, symbolist and expressionistic ones.
Theatre is celebrating the 80th. anniversary this year. Theatrehouse has seen the changing of different powers, has had a variety of names but has still stood the test of time without losing it's position in the context of Estonian architectural and cultural history. Estonian Drama Theatre is connected with the name of an internationally known producer Voldemar Panso. His productions shaped and formed the image of this theatre in the 60-s and 70-s. Today his followers and adherents work in the same theatrehouse. Priit Pedajas, Artistic Director of Estonian Drama Theatre, is Panso’s student from his last class of Drama Studio (graduated in 1976).
In these days the repertoire of Estonian Drama Theatre consist of the plays written by Shakespeare, Moliere, Calderon and also Friel, Bergman etc.
The theatre is constantly searching for new plays written by Estonian authors. For modern theatre the name of Madis Koiv, whose productions have been voyages of discovery for producers and for audience, is of great importance. Recently Andrus Kivirahk, an outstanding playwright of younger generation, made a successful debut as a director, putting on stage his own witty play “Days of Parrots”. There are also several plays by Estonian authors theater's repertoire, Mihkel Ulman as a modern playwright and Friedebert Tuglas as a classic to be mentioned.
The performances are given in Estonian but the simultaneous translation into Russian is also available.
In the Main Hall mostly full-blooded stagings of the classics are played, which are chosen among the dramas well-known in world and Estonian literature, and also modern repertoire, which has already gained some recognition on the world stages. In the Little Hall mostly plays of more intimate kind regarding smaller cast and space, selected scripts from the contemporary Estonian authors, and the producers debut dramas are staged.
Address: Parnu mnt. 5